Mango Software Solutions is a complete suite of computer based business applications, designed on business processes and procedures practiced in Pakistan business. MSS caters to Accounting Information System, consisting of transaction processing and management reporting systems for functional and top tier of management.

MSS has been conceived and developed by International Office Products (Pvt) Limited, evolved during last two decades, whereby IOP provided customized information systems development services to corporate sector on multiple computing platforms. The packaged Business Solution Suite was previously marketed under the name of COMPUSOFT, now renamed as Mango Software Solutions. MSS is the sequel of IOP experience and standard industry practices.

MSS comprises of following computer based applications with the ability to run independently and also in an integrated environment forming a complete ERP solution:

1.General Ledger

2.Sales & Receivables Management with Invoicing

3.Purchase & Payable Management

4.Inventory Control Management

5.Sales Tax invoicing

6.Human Resource & Payroll

7.Wages Management

8.Export Management


An Enterprise-Quality Solution designed for Pakistani Business Environment

  1. Ideal for any size of business
  2. Backed by Over 3 Decades of IT Service Experience
  3. Multi-User and Multi-Company
  4. Designed on Microsoft Platforms and Tools
  5. Seamless integration of software modules forming an ERP solution
  6. Ease of Deployment & Use
  7. Cradle-to-Grave Tracking of Transactions through Audit Trail
  8. Comprehensive Online Manuals & Guides
  9. Granular User & User-Group Security
  10. Flexible Multi-tier licensing & Support options

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