Volume Licenses



As the name suggest, the licensing options is available for organizations looking to purchase licenses in volume. There are different programs to suit all kinds of organizations needing more than 5 licenses


  • Easier license management through the VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center)
  • Easier SAM (Software Asset Management)
  • Only 5 licenses needed to start a Volume Licensing agreement
  • Downgrade rights (Licensee can install an older version of the same product)
  • Re-imaging rights
  • Better pricing and options based on license volume


Volume Licensing General Principals

The different Volume Licensing programs differ by various factors (shown below).

Volume License






Following are the various volume licensing options available for Microsoft


Academic Licensing

Open License for Academic offers one license agreement and a “pay-as-you-go” approach to volume licensing for academic institutions of all sizes. Open License for Academic customers can administer licenses online with VLSC and may choose to grant Work at Home rights to faculty and staff. In addition, Open License for Academic offers you the option to include Software Assurance, which allows you to stay current with the latest versions of your licensed software.

Open License Program – OLP

This is the standard “Entry Level” program for the vast majority of SMB’s (Small to Medium Businesses) as it requires just 5 licenses to start an agreement. The agreement lasts for 2 years and once it’s set up, you can order licenses in any quantity from 1 upwards. There are 2 price levels (NL & C) which are determined by the point’s value of your first order.

Open Value – OV

The Open Value program is a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. The program is a three-year term commitment that includes Software Assurance as a fixed benefit

Open Value Subscription – OVS

An Open Value Subscription is essentially a rental option from Microsoft. License keys and installation media work in much the same way as OLP. The agreement period is for 3 years payable one year in advance for each of the 3 years. During the agreement period, Software Assurance is included as standard.

Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Stand-alone Licenses

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) License

The OEM is available pre-installed with a New PC (OEM). The license is usually available to Manufacturers.


  • Already installed
  • Often best value
  • OEM typically provides support


  • Cannot be transferred
  • Not all products available
  • Limited downgrade rights
  • To prove ownership, the owner must keep: The receipt, The original media/manuals, The COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

Full Packaged Product (FPP)

The licenses are retail packs that can be purchased from shops and retailers. This typically includes a box pack, which represents 1 license (1 box = 1 license)


  • Instant License
  • Boxes often contain the media
  • Some support included


  • Expensive
  • Can only use the version purchased
  • To prove ownership, the owner must keep: The receipt, The original media/manuals, The COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

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