Server Cloud Enrollment (SCE)

Organizations are moving to the cloud. The Server and Cloud Enrollment helps you get there

The Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) is a new licensing vehicle under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that enables organizations to standardize on one or more Microsoft Server and Cloud technologies. To enroll in an SCE, you make an installed base-wide commitment to one or more components. This means committing to full Software Assurance coverage across the installed base of an SCE component.

Cloud Enabled:

Gain the flexibility to move to the cloud as needed and grow organically without losing the value built into existing investments

Standardized and simplified:

Ensure adoption of the latest technologies while simplifying deployment and license management

Cost Saving and Benefits:

Get the best pricing, discounts and added benefits designed to support Server and Cloud technologies

How it works:

The Server and Cloud Enrollment offers four components:
1. Core Infrastructure
2. Application Platform
3. Developer Platform
4. Microsoft Azure

Choose any of these components individually or group them as needed. When choosing any of the first three components, Azure is also available at the best pricing.



For complete information of Server cloud enrollment click HERE .


Source: Microsoft SCE datasheet

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